Hi I'm Brigitte.

I’m an expert in business transformation and in getting things done.

I build ‘execution engines’ to bridge the gap between vision and execution.


Business Consulting

Drawing from a variety of different disciplines, I work with the executive team to translate strategy into the right activity across the organisation and to define mechanisms to track delivery and measure progress so that when the context changes, the team can change direction fast.

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Personal Aspirations

My book, Make It Fly! provides a proven step-by-step approach to make even the biggest goals achievable, giving you that vital first push and all the know-how, inspiration and practical techniques you need to see things through.

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Execution Engines


  1. a machine with several parts all working together to convert energy into motion.
  2. an efficient and well organised group of people

Change by Design, not by Chance

I’m passionate about turning bright ideas into action.  For the past 20 years, I’ve been helping business clients implement their vision and transform their organisations.  Drawing on a variety of disciplines, I orchestrate change efforts into frameworks that suit different organisational cultures.

My passion for change and making things happen doesn’t stop at business.  I’ve been a fan of personal development since I read my first book 30 years ago.  In 2013, I published Make It Fly! The step-by-step guide to make any idea, project or goal take off.

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