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Procrastination: 3 Questions To Ask

Motivation is the fuel behind your dream and procrastination its killer.  So why do you sometimes find that you just can't bring yourself to complete important tasks? You know that doing a particular job would move your dream forward yet, you don't do anything.  I"m no different and this happened to me very recently and [...]

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Why it’s hard to achieve when you don’t feel good

I've just traveled back from Canada and I'm very jet lagged.  So I feel tired, drained and low on drive to do anything.  I'm also quite demotivated.  So much that I'm reconsidering some of my goals.  Not a good idea.  Here's why. 1.  Lack of sleep means lack of energy and motivation I'm tired so [...]

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Changing Behaviour is Hard but not Impossible

I had to give up coffee this week and as a thank you, my body gave me a massive headache.  This got me thinking just how hard it is to give things up even when it's for your greater good.  My body should be thanking me but instead, I can still feel the pounding in [...]

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Are you making the most of your strenghts?

We all have strengths and weaknesses but do you know what yours are?  And what are you doing with this knowledge? I'm impatient.  At first, it sounds like I should try to fix this and I did for years, not very well.  Turns out that being impatient is actually one of my key strengths:  it [...]

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5 Tips to Stop Putting Things Off

Do you put stuff off all the time and wish you didn't?  Have you ever wondered why?  Here are 5 tips to help you stop procrastinating and get on with it instead. 1.  Ask yourself why you procrastinate Instead of beating yourself up, question what goes on when you procrastinate.  What do you say to [...]

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Trying to change? What’s your plan for when the going gets tough?

I've come across the same concept twice this week and I think it's an interesting one.  It goes like this: when trying to change a behaviour, if you have a firm plan for what you'll do when something tries to steer you off course, you will increase your chance of success. What do you mean? [...]

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Why being a doer without a plan is a risky strategy

I recently ran a survey and when asked 'What is stopping you going for your dream?', one of the respondent answered they needed help planning, that they were more of a doer than a planner.  This got me thinking about a situation I faced with one of my clients where an entire team was constantly [...]

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How to systematise your life or business and get some time back

Want to get some time back?  Systematise your life or your business. What? McDonald's are able to employ students with little work experience to cook burgers and fries that always look and taste the same.  I know, I worked there when I was 16. How do they do it?  By turning the job of making [...]

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