Are you ready to take action or in danger of spinning your wheels?

There's a saying that 'vision without action is merely a dream' and I completely agree.  However, based on my experiences currently I can tell you that action without vision or a plan is a nightmare.  You just end up running around doing stuff stressed that you may not achieve your goals.  So when is the [...]

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How to use affirmations to help with your 2014 goals

Affirmations may sound like magical thinking but I can tell you they work.  I have used them since I discovered Louise Hay's books nearly 20 years ago. The purpose of affirmations is to reprogram your thinking.  Let's say that you need to stand in front of a crowd and deliver a speech.  If you keep [...]

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5 tips to keep you going with your 2014 goals

If you want to make consistent progress with your dream or a goal, you need a way to be kept accountable.  The best way I know is to hire a life / business coach.  In my view, one of the key benefit of coaching is accountability.  But what if you don't have a coach or [...]

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What if you’ve got big goals and you’re not feeling 100%?

I haven't felt great physically for the best part of January.  Not a big deal, just an annoying cough and sore throat I can't shake.  I even lost my voice at some point and my kids, husband and au pair, have all had the same thing.  This is really not helping my goals as I'm [...]

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5 reasons why you need to be clear to achive your goals

To achieve your goals or any type of project, you need to be clear.  Here are 5 reasons why. Clarity brings focus The clearer you are, the more focused you can be.  Which one would you say has the best chance of success?  The person that defines the end goal as 'wanting to start [...]

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2014 Goals: Are you getting in the way of your success?

25% of people abandon their New Year's resolutions within a week.  As we are now nearing the end of January, I assume the percentage is increasing.  The majority of the people who give up, will go after the same goals next year.  What I'm wondering is if everyone who gives up spends any time thinking [...]

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What to do if your family and friends don’t support your dream or goals

You've now got a great set of goals for 2014 or you've defined a major life or business project.  You've started doing the work and you're feeling really pleased with your progress.  Then out of the blue, your spouse or best friend starts criticizing your dream or your effort.  You're shocked.  Shouldn't they want the [...]

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What type of change will your 2014 goals need?

Achieving big goals involves change so I spend a lot of my time looking at how to help people change.  There are lots of different techniques and theories and that's good because different tools work with different people.  I've recently been reading about a different way to look at change and in this post, I'd [...]

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The 3 things you need to achieve your vision for 2014

There are 3 essential aspects to any personal or business projects: You have to be clear about the vision (what you want / what the company wants) You have to know how you will get there (you need a strategy and plan) You have to deal with the human side of things (your personal hang [...]

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How to successfully change your habits in 2014

Many New Year's resolution are about changing a behaviour and, changing a behaviour often boils down to creating a new habit or getting rid of an old one:  eating healthy food, learning a new skill or exercising 3 times per week. I recently read about psychology research which proves that humans have limited amount of [...]

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