5 tips to help you make your New Year’s resolutions fly!

If you are like most people, you will have made some resolutions for 2014.  If you are like 25% of people, you will have already abandoned them.  Did you know that  sadly 25% of people abandon their New Year's Resolutions after 1 week and 60% after 6 months? As people are still wishing me a [...]

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5 practical tools for improving your happiness in 2014

I strongly believe that achieving big things starts with small steps.  In time, it is all the small steps that create momentum and lead to big changes.   Some of the small steps needed when chasing a big dream rest with making sure that we are in the right place physically and mentally.  So for [...]

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Why you need to clear the ‘blocks’ to get your dream

I was asking someone recently if they'd found my book helpful.  "It's a great book", they said but "I'm not like you, I can't just go for it."  As I reflected on our conversation, I wondered what they meant?  After all, the steps are clearly laid out in the book, it's a method.  All you [...]

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How to get what you want without killing yourself

No point lying about this, I love achieving.  I'm always 'doing' something and I really enjoy my life.  Here's the challenge though:  it's easy to find your life getting out of balance.  One thing I've learnt over the years is that if I put all my energies in the same place then there will be [...]

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How to turn what you want to achieve in 2014 into a set of goals

A New Year is always a great opportunity to do something different.  With 2014 around the corner, I'd like to inspire you to work out how you could turn the vision of what you want into a set of achievable goals.  My vision for this year is for my message to spread and really help [...]

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What to do if money is stopping you living your dream?

Last time, I talked about time often being my favourite excuse for not doing something I know I need to do to get what I want.  In this article, I'd like to talk about another great excuse:  money.  Not enough money to give up work and start your own business, not enough money to retrain [...]

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What to do if you need more time?

We all have favourite excuses for not achieving our goals. My main one is that I don’t have enough time. On the surface, this is true. My dream is for Make It Fly! to reach the millions of people who need a book like that to live their dreams and change their world. To achieve [...]

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5 tips to make 2014 the year you fulfil your dreams

A New Year is the perfect time to make different choices.  Is 2014 the year you will finally go after that big goal of yours?  Whether you want to write a book, start your own business or change careers;  here are 5 things that could be getting in your way and here's what you can [...]

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Why you should start thinking about your goals for 2014

There are only 3 weeks left of work / school before the Christmas holidays.  That's gone quick again and next thing you know it'll be 2014.  So in this blog, I want to encourage you to start thinking about what you'd like to get or change in 2014. My husband and I have a ritual; [...]

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