5 tips to keep you going with your 2014 goals

//5 tips to keep you going with your 2014 goals

5 tips to keep you going with your 2014 goals

If you want to make consistent progress with your dream or a goal, you need a way to be kept accountable.  The best way I know is to hire a life / business coach.  In my view, one of the key benefit of coaching is accountability.  But what if you don’t have a coach or can’t afford one?  Is there anything you could do?  Here are 5 tips.

Tell your family and friends

Tell everyone around you what you are doing.  Tell them what your dream is, how you hope to achieve it, the progress you’re making, etc.  When I do this, I regularly get asked how well I’m doing which helps remind me of my goals.

Also, if you’ve told everyone that you were going to stop smoking and you don’t, it’s a bit embarrassing when you have to tell them you’ve started again.

Ask a friend to act as your accountability coach

If telling people doesn’t work for you.  Go one step further and ask a friend to keep you accountable.  Agree that you will meet up every Friday and review how well you did during the week.

If you do this though, choose your friend carefully.  Be sure to pick someone who will be positive and encouraging.

Use structure

I’ve used Weight Watchers in the past and what really worked for me was the structure.  There was a programme to follow and some clear rules.

In addition, I had to attend a meeting every week where I was weighed in front of everyone and told how much I’d lost.  That really helped keep me accountable.  It was a bit embarrassing if I lost nothing but I felt really proud if I did and we all cheered each other on.

Track your progress

The mere act of tracking your progress will also help you.  But make it a formal thing.  There’s a template in the Free Stuff & Book section of the site.  Download it and use it.

I won’t say it enough:  Write things down.  Don’t just review progress in your head, have a written plan and track how well you’re doing on it.

Set up a group

Maybe there’s a bunch of you working on your goals?  How about setting up a support group?  You don’t even have to meet physically (although that could be fun).

You could set up a group on Facebook and have a regular discussion to support each other, share your progress and ask for advice.  I’m in a group like this on Facebook and it’s great.

Is accountability an issue for you?  What could you do to help yourself?



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