Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World

//Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World

Here’s a very simple truth:  what you think about is what you create for yourself.  So, if your head is filled with drama, chances are so is your life.

There may be a metaphysical aspect to this however what I would say is that if you don’t believe in the metaphysical, you can still see this principle in effect in your life.

Think of someone who is convinced they can’t find work because the economy is bad.  They will look around for proof that their thinking is correct, spot stuff on the news, in the papers.  And as a result reinforce their belief.

Chances are, they will also not put as much effort in their search as someone who thinks the world is full of opportunity.  And people who meet them, will sense the negative attitude.   Their thoughts will drive a type of behaviour which typically will look to reinforce their belief.

How can you use this principle to change your experience.

1.  Notice where you put your attention

Starting now, observe what you think about.  Watch out for events in your life that cause you to get caught in negative thinking cycles or rumination.  Honestly, don’t spend too much time watching the news.  I know several people love the news but the reality is:  the news is really negative stuff.  Pick and choose.

2.  Notice the link between your thoughts and your mood

Notice your mood and then notice your thoughts.  It is likely that what you are telling yourself is causing how you feel.  Let’s say you had a bad day at work and you keep replaying the story in your head over and over again.  You’re unlikely to make yourself feel good.  Instead, try and reframe the story.  Try and see the story from someone else’s point of view.

3.  Notice the link between your mood and the impact you have on other people

Most of us can feel the mood when we walk into a room.   We pick up lots of clues without even realising.  The expression on someone’s face, how they are sitting and holding themselves.  Even before they speak, we will have a very good idea of what mood they are in.  And whatever mood they are in will impact how we relate to them.

So you can see how walking into an interview room happy and positive is likely to give you a different outcome than if you walk in stressed and irritable.  Being happy may not give you the job but you’ve got more chances than if you aren’t.  That’s for sure.

4.  Make sure you are feeling good physically

This is an easy one.  Lack of sleep, hurts and pains, stress, all of these affect your mood.  It’s impossible to feel on top of the world when something hurts.

Even if you force yourself to have positive thoughts, chances are that after a while, not looking after yourself physically will get to you.  So start by making sure you are getting plenty of sleep and exercise and eating good food.

5.  Reprogram your mind

You may find that thinking differently in some cases is hard for you.  Maybe you have a particular belief that is hard to shift or a fear.  If that is the case then I would seek out techniques to change how you think.

There are several around and in my view the best ones are hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT.

What are you thinking about right now? And how are you feeling?


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