How good are you at making decisions?

Do you make decisions easily or is it a struggle?  Either could hinder you getting to your dream in the long run.  Being good at decisions is key to achieving what you want in life.  And not just making any old decision but actually making a good one.  But how do you get good at making decisions and how do you know they are the right ones?  Here are 5 things to consider when it comes to making a choice.

1. Making Decisions Involves Risk

You just have to accept that making a decision carries with it an element of risk.  That’s a given. There are steps you can take to lower the risk.  Take a look at the points below but… do realise that nothing is ever guaranteed.  You can’t completely predict the future no matter how good an assessment you make so be prepared.  Think through what could go wrong with this decision and come up with what you could do if the situation occurred.  Let’s say, you’ve been working for months on a project to open a clothes shop.  You’re now about 80% ready and a fantastic opportunity to launch comes along.  There’s a major event coming to your town and bringing your launch date forward to coincide with it could bring you brilliant publicity.  Do you wait until your 100% ready or do you take the jump?

This is when you need to ask yourself, whether the 20% truly matters?  Maybe you’re a perfectionist and you are ready enough to launch, not all your Ts are crossed and Is dotted but you’re pretty much there.  But maybe the 20% is the important work and launching now would sink your new business.  Your job is to assess the impact of changing your course of action.

2.  Assess Than Decide

And… to assess it fully by considering all aspects of the change.  What is it that isn’t ready?  What could you do about it before now and the launch?  Are you being over cautious?  Or are the things you are missing critical?  Could you engage someone to help you finish the last 20% so that you are ready on time?  Could you get some expert advice and speed things up?  Could you invest some money given launching early may bring you additional revenue?  Do you need to double your efforts until the launch?  What is the impact of doubling your efforts on your health?  Do you need to lessen other commitments?  Keep going until you’ve looked at all angles and thoroughly assessed the impact of what you are about to do.

3. Consider Your Current Plans

To help you in your assessment, look at your plans.  What does making the decision change? Do you need to bring some tasks forward?  Could you postpone some or rethink your approach?  Are there tasks you won’t need to do anymore?  What does launching early mean in terms of timelines?  How about your success criteria?  Do you have an opportunity to make a profit early?  What does this do to your plan?  Does it allow you to invest early in something that was planned for later?  Review all the tasks on your plan and consider them in the context of the change you are about to make.  And if you don’t have a plan… get one!

4. Use Your Success Partners

If you get really stuck and the brainstorming is not going so well, go to one of your success partners.  If you’ve not read Make It Fly!, a success partner is a trusted friend who provides you with good advice and support on the journey to your dream.  It could also be your coach if you have one.  Just find someone who you know has your best interests at heart and is interested in what you want to achieve.  Invite them for a drink and explain what you’d like to do.  Then spend some time brainstorming with them the pros and the cons.  You may get a completely different perspective on the problem.

5. Better Decide Something Than Do Nothing

There are times when making a decision is better than not making one.  These are the times in life when you are well and truly stuck.  When nothing seems to be moving forward.  Sometimes, it’s good to just wait and see but ultimately if you are still stuck months later, you’ll know it’s time to make a decision.  And deciding to do nothing, could well be the decision but do make sure that you are in control of that decision rather than pushed into it by the events in your life.  I consciously decided to stop blogging in June this year.  I had a lot on my plate and things were taking off as well as I’d hoped so I took a break.  I didn’t just stop and forgot about things, I made a conscious decision to take a break for the summer.  And now I’m back with some energy and some new visitors to the blog.

Good luck with your decision making and if you like this post or have some comments, please leave them in the box below.


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