Is what you’ve been told stopping you from going after your dream?

//Is what you’ve been told stopping you from going after your dream?

Is what you’ve been told stopping you from going after your dream?

Have you ever asked yourself why you want what you want?  What was it in your life story that got you here?  And what has prevented you to date from getting your dream?

I’m doing a course at the moment and in one of last week’s exercises, I had to list all the turning points in my life and write ‘my story’.

This was really interesting and I discovered that all my life I had wanted to stand against those who said something wasn’t possible.  I know this sounds quite rebellious and I suppose at times it was.

So this week, I thought I’d write about a few examples from my own life where what I had been told turned out not to be true.

I’m not doing this to boast, believe me if I can do it, so can you.  No, I’m doing this to encourage you to think differently.  Here’s the first example.

1.  I was told that in life, it was best to get a good job and stick with it.

Get an education.  Make sure you chose a course that leads to a good job.  Then get a good job in a good company and slowly (very slowly) work your way to the top.

Being told this, caused me to study the wrong thing.  To take the safe option.  Then to become an insurance broker in a large company when I was 22.  I’ve got nothing against insurance but this was completely the wrong job for me.

After 2 years of doing that, I wanted more.  On the pretense that I was still young and this was my last chance to travel the world before I settled, I left my ‘safe’ job and went traveling around Europe.  Several people were shocked and I’m sure I caused my parents to worry.

Along the way, I decided to work in England a while longer to fund another trip but sure enough, habits die hard, I found a safe job there and started recreating the exact life, I had left behind in Canada a few months before.

Two years later, I was still in England, with no clear plan to travel anywhere else and I was feeling depressed and unhappy.  This is when I came across a book that changed all that.  A book that told me that what I believed in, was what happened to me.  I had a big ah ha moment as I realised that the belief of the ‘safe’ job was so deep in my unconscious that I’d only gone to recreate what I left in the first place.

This was a turning point.

A couple of years later, I’d gained invaluable experience by changing jobs (and employers) several times, I had become self-employed and I had significantly increased my income and freedom.

As I write this, I have been self-employed for 16 years.  I’ve been through 2 recessions and I have never been out of work for more than a month.

So turned out that I can be as ‘safe’ self-employed as I would be in a salaried job.  Not what I was told.

I can move around as much as I life, change job every 6 months, change employer every 6 month and still get really interesting work.  Not what I was told.

I constantly get told how lucky I am (another thing that isn’t true).  From my point of view, there is no luck.  I decided that this was the life I wanted and I went ahead and created it.

Of course, I have to put some effort in, I have to get out there and get the work and I have to do a good job in the first place.  But this is no different than if I was in salaried employment, particularly these past few years with the financial crisis and redundancies.

So, as it turns out, what I was told wasn’t true.  I could job hop as much as I wanted, I could earn a regular income self-employed and I could get really interesting work.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about the time I was told I couldn’t have a book published.

What beliefs do you hold that are stopping you?


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