Procrastination: 3 Questions To Ask

Motivation is the fuel behind your dream and procrastination its killer.  So why do you sometimes find that you just can’t bring yourself to complete important tasks?

You know that doing a particular job would move your dream forward yet, you don’t do anything.  I”m no different and this happened to me very recently and asking myself the questions below was quite revealing!

So here are the 3 questions to ask if you want to understand how your ‘task’ or ‘goal’ motivation works.

1. Can I succeed?

Whether we do this consciously or unconsciously, the first question we ask ourselves when faced with a job is whether we believe we can actually do it?

If the task is new to you and you don’t know where to start or you’ve failed before or maybe you don’t think you have the tools to complete the job, you are likely to think you can’t succeed.

If you know exactly what is needed, where to start and you’ve got proof you can succeed, then you will answer yes.

If you answer yes here, you will move on to the next question. If you answer ‘no’, you are highly unlikely to move forward and very likely to abandon the task.

2. Do I want to do this?

The next thing we ask ourselves is whether we actually want to do this job? And this isn’t just a matter of whether you think it’ll be fun or not. Different things may motivate you outside of fun.

Maybe you think you’ll be punished if you don’t do it (think cleaning your room when you lived at home) or that you’ll get a reward for doing it (your boss will pat you on the back).  Or you can actually link the task to your vision so you know you have to get on with it.  Or maybe, completing the job involves working with someone you like.  All these will make you likely to want to do the task and move on to the next question.

If you have no good reason for doing the task, it it’s boring or you see no useful purpose to it, you are likely to abandon the task here even if you say yes to the first question.

3. Why am I doing this?

So you know you can succeed and you want to do the task, the last question you ask yourself is why you’re doing this.  This will influence how you approach the task and how much effort you put into it.

If you can’t link the task to your goal, you may still do it if you think it’s fun but you may not put much effort in or just enough effort to have some fun.  Once it’s stop being fun, you may abandon the job.

If on the other end you can link the task to achieving your dreams and goals, then you will do what you believe is needed for you to get what you aspire to irrespective of the task being fun or not.

Now I know why I’m such a strong believer in the need to have a clear vision of your dream and to sit down and visualise often.  It motivates you to work, to get ahead even when what you have to do to get there isn’t your favourite thing.

Is procrastination keeping you stuck?  Did the questions help figure out why?  Leave a comment below.


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  1. mpattenden 18 June 2014 at 6:22 pm

    Yes does help to focus and reconsider.

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