Projects that change the world

//Projects that change the world

Projects that change the world

Since I’ve started on the Make It Fly! journey, I have struggled with one big question.  What do I call myself?

My passion is to help people make ‘things happen’.  I have what it take to do this:  15 years delivering major change programmes in large organisations, personal development skills and certifications and experience of making lots of stuff happen in my own life.

I’ve also got the book and a very clear method.  Yet…  I struggle like hell to define what I am and to find a name for my services.  An essential piece of any successful marketing campaign!

This is really frustrating and has been an issue since I started last August.  The challenge is that what I do is a mix of project management (I will help you scope, plan and manage resources), change management (I will help you manage the impact of what you want on the people around you, address resistance and get buy-in) and of personal development (I will help you identify your hang ups and deal with them).

So what is the name for this?  Project Manager-Coach-Consultant-Change Expert-Author?

As you can see, the title thing doesn’t work.  I think that at least is clear.

Two days ago, I caught up with a friend and we talked about the fact that her business is really taking off.  I tell her that mine on the other hand, is growing really slowly.

‘The thing is”, she says, “I’m not sure what you are”.  Oh dear.

So she gets a bit of paper out and gets me to draw 3 circles.  In each circle I have to write one of my passions.  Circle 1, I put:  Personal Development.  In circle 2:  Technology.  In circle 3, ‘Projects / Achievements’.  “What types of projects?”, she asks.  I stop and think.  I don’t know.  We talk around this for a while and then I suddenly get a very clear thought.  “Actually”, I reply, “projects that change the world”.  There I’ve said it.  It’s out.  Can’t take it back.

“I want to help people who have ideas that we can turn into projects that change the world.” She looks at me with a really big smile.  “I really like this”, she says.

So we look at how my circles overlap and decide that my current plan for developing online courses, content and services around Make It Fly! plays to my 3 passions.  I just need to target my work more towards people who have ideas we can work together to turn into projects that change the world.

I know that I need to play with the idea a little bit more but I’m really excited all the way home.  And still excited 2 days later.

I’d love to hear what you think.  Leave me a comment below.



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