What if you’ve got big goals and you’re not feeling 100%?

//What if you’ve got big goals and you’re not feeling 100%?

What if you’ve got big goals and you’re not feeling 100%?

I haven’t felt great physically for the best part of January.  Not a big deal, just an annoying cough and sore throat I can’t shake.  I even lost my voice at some point and my kids, husband and au pair, have all had the same thing.  This is really not helping my goals as I’m obviously a bit low on energy and not extremely motivated.  Here are some thoughts if this is also happening to you.

My health has to come first

I believe that to have the energy to go after our goals, we need to feel great physically and mentally.  I think it’s really hard to put any effort anywhere when we’re feeling under par.  So the first consideration is our health.  I need to continue to get plenty of sleep, eat well and keep warm.

Yes, this cold is dragging a bit but it’s the same for everyone around me so I guess, I just have to accept that it’ll take a few more days to get over it.

My stress levels are a bit high

It’s been quite a tough month for a variety of reasons so I’m probably a bit more stressed than usual.  And… my stress hasn’t had much of an outlet since I’ve not been exercising much (can’t exercise, it makes me cough so much I would probably choke).

The causes of this stress are likely to be around for another month or so.  What can I do?  I think I need to reframe how I’m seeing the situation.  This is hard but I’m going to chew on this today.

It’s probably best if I differ big decisions

When I feel like this, I normally start rethinking something.  I get irritated that I’m not feeling a 100% and I start getting irritated about my lack of progress on certain goals.  The problem is, this is catch 22:  I’m not feeling good so not really putting tons of efforts in, progress is a bit slower, I get demotivated, I want to give up.

I have to realise that this is just a temporary glitch and that the only thing I can do is relax and get better.  Then I can make the big decisions from a position where I feel good and I’m making them for the right reason.

What is the lesson here?

When I was younger, my friends and I use to ask advice from the I Ching.  You ask a question, flick 3 coins and you get given advice by the Book of Changes.  I tended to take the advice that suited me and ignore the advice that didn’t.  I told you that I like to be the one who decides what happens to me.  There was one anagram though that use to make me reflect.  It was the one that said ‘You are entering a period of rest’ or something like this.  Meaning that even if I took lots of action nothing would happen.

The I Ching said that life works in a balanced way and this is why there are cycles in nature.  You have periods of rest and periods of activity.  And there’s no point fighting these cycles.  I’m not explaining this as well as the book but I’m sure you get the gist.  So maybe this is a period of rest?

Learning to go with the flow

I find going with the flow really hard.  I like to control what happens and I work hard at making my life what I want it to be.  I’ve become a lot better at accepting that there is a greater force at play and that sometimes I best surrender.  But, I still find this hard.  So this week, I’m going to go with the flow a bit more and see how things go.

What’s the lesson you need to learn?



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