Why being a doer without a plan is a risky strategy

I recently ran a survey and when asked ‘What is stopping you going for your dream?’, one of the respondent answered they needed help planning, that they were more of a doer than a planner.  This got me thinking about a situation I faced with one of my clients where an entire team was constantly ‘doing’ without a plan and the challenges and risks that brings.

Here are 5 reasons why being a doer without a plan may take you away from your goal rather than closer to it.  Without a plan…

1.  How do you know that what you are ‘doing’ is actually taking you to your dream?

When you put a plan together, you spend some time thinking about the approach you want to take, the steps and the tasks.  Then the order they come in and whether they will really take you closer to goal.  Let’s face it, there are more than one ways to get some place but you have to pick the way that works best for you (and ideally will work the fastest).

If you just do, do, do, without spending time reflecting and planning, there is a chance you end up 3 months down the line no closer to your dream.  This is what was happening to my client, everyone was incredibly busy but getting no closer to their vision.  They were also getting really tired (and disillusioned).

2.  How can you make sure you don’t run out of time or money?

Without a plan, I would say it’s impossible to protect your resources.  By resources, I mean time, money and whatever else you need to build your dream.

You wouldn’t build a house without having a plan?  Would you?  You would not lay the foundations without having decided where the walls are going to go?

If you did, you would more than likely have to rectify and spend a lot more time and effort than if you’d drawn the whole thing to start with.

It’s the same with a dream.

3.  How can you work efficiently with other people?

If you need to work with other people to get your dream, how can you possibly be clear what you need from them and when without a plan?  There was some of this going on at my client’s and caused endless issues across the teams and a lot of confusion

If you need other people to do some of the tasks (maybe you need some building work or an event organised), you need to be crystal clear and I’m really not sure you can do this without a plan.

4.  How can you make best use of your time each time you sit down to work at your dream?

This is an interesting one.  I have limited time I can spend on each of my projects.  Two weeks ago I realised that I was progressing each a bit randomly so I wasn’t really making the best of my time (yeah, I have to reminded as well, I’m human).

I had some time off last week so I made a clear plan of what I wanted to achieve.  Guess what?  It’s all done.

5.  How can you possibly measure progress?

The key to staying motivated is seeing the progress you are making.  This is really difficult to do if you don’t know where you started and you have no way of measuring how far you’ve come.

Another common answer on my survey was ‘I can’t stay motivated’.   If this is you, try planning and measuring progress.  There’s nothing like seeing how far you’ve come.

Need help with planning?  Take a look at my How to Plan ebook or get in touch to find out about my coaching programmes.

Do you have a clear plan?


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