You want to make stuff happen? Write things down.

//You want to make stuff happen? Write things down.

You want to make stuff happen? Write things down.

Do you write things down or do you keep everything in your head?  Here are 5 reasons why writing things down is key to getting things done.

1. You’ll have a great idea bank

I don’t know about you but I get some of my best ideas when I’m not sitting at my desk.  It’s like my mind is not thinking about work so there’s some space for ideas to come in.

For example, I often get quite creative when I’m exercising but if I don’t write the ideas down as soon as I come off the treadmill… unfortunately, they are gone for ever.

The same is true of ideas I get when reading books or just when I’m walking around.  So I keep a written down list of ideas.  All you need is a notebook or a notepad type app on your phone.

2.  You’ll know what you’re meant to do next

Part of turning a big idea into a project involves putting a plan together and writing it down.  Otherwise, it’s really hard to tell what you should be doing next.

This is particularly useful if you only have limited time to work on your project.  It stops you wasting time figuring out the next steps as you’ve done it up front.  You just pull out your plan and there it is, the next task on the list.

3.  You’ll go where you meant to go

And not somewhere else.  Another key element of having a project approach is to define clearly where you’re headed.

That way you can figure out what steps you need to take to get there and in what order.  If you’re not clear on the goal or the plan, you will end up somewhere but it’s unlikely to be where you want.

4.  It’ll help you stay focused

A written down set of goals, a written down plan, a clear vision.  All these things really help focus the mind.

It’s like by writing this stuff down, you are sending a message to your unconscious that you are serious.

Oh and always book in your diary, slots to work on your stuff.  Don’t just make a mental note. Write it down.  And set an alarm.

5.  You’ll remember what you’ve agreed

If you need to engage people to get your big dream, write down what you agree with them.  And send them the note.

Always clarify what you’ve agreed.  And check that it has been understood.

Seems over the top.  Believe me, it isn’t.  It’s really easy for a simple misunderstanding to mess up your plans. Don’t take the chance.

What could you do with writing down?  Do it now!


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